Since I am now the proud web administrator of http://bks.hfk.no/, I have received the gift of a new computer at work. Of course, this means that instead of changing computer I use both. The portable for semi-private stuff like email and websurfing and the stationary for more work-related stuff. The only thing that irritates me about the stationary one is that I’m not local administrator on the computer so I can’t install firefox, IE7 and OpenOffice. I need that software, administrator d00d, I’m l33t. Anyway, I hadn’t been given admin-rights for the domain, so I went straight to the top of the food-chain, the principal. Twentyfour hours later, it was sorted out and I had to look at the file-structure, and it looks absolutely horrible. It’s all written in Episerver, a program that a five-year old could make perfect webpages with, and they still manage to screw it up.