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Yesterday, I had a visit from two old friends. I felt a bit under the weather due to the bump on my head but it was fun. I had asked Thomas over to make me a meal, he’s known for his culinary explorations…

He suggested steak tartare, I have never eaten raw beef before, so I thought it was a good idea to try. Go back ten years and I wouldn’t have eaten it if he had paid me to do it.

I tasted… strange. The combination of raw egg yolk with raw meat and pickled vegetables is strange and even a little scary, but it was good in a sense. I felt really full, I couldn’t even finish my part. Today I’ve been googling the recipe and his seems to be rather different from what I found online.

This is Thomas’ Steak Tartare. Try if you dare. The combination of raw meat and raw egg yolk is a very real salmonella risk, so I presume this is not for the faint at heart…

Ground Beef (250g per person)

First seperate the egg yolk from the white. Remove the white string thing from the yolk

Slice the bread and divide the beef into as many pieces as there are slices of bread (we used three per person), spread it on the bread and sprinkle with salt’n’pepa.

Finely chop the gherkins and beets, then spread capers, beets and gherkins over the meat, squeeze it into the meat. Spread as much yolk as you want over the meat-bread-spread-thing (I’m so eloquent today) and stuff your face with it.

I’ve seen some other recipes for this online that I would actually have preferred, with worcestersauce and with the pickled greeneries more integrated into the meat.

You can of course buy entrecote, remove the fat and chop the meat yourself. If you are to behave like a true tatar, you must lodge the meat under your saddle and it will be lean by the time you arrive. Don’t be surprised if it tastes of horse.

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  1. I think I’d have to do some experiments if I’m going to feel comfortable about steak tartare. Chopping my own steak sounds like a really good one.

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