I’m in Kristiansand.

I’m not actually doing much but that’s fine. The weather is nice and we found a café that serves croissants. This contradicted Tone’s indignant statement when I first arrived: “You can’t get a croissant anywhere in this town!”. She went to have an MRI-scan today. She was really scared. Funny thing was that I was really envious. I’ve always wanted an MRI-scan!! The experience was really strange, the machine makes a lot of noise and the experience could only appeal to a true sci-fi fan or a trance fanatic (it makes really rhythmic noises). I sometimes wonder why they put regular people through such machines.

Today, my hosts Tone & Jone are serving me a five course meal with veal, chicken, cheeses, and some nice red wine. Life is good.

One thought on “holiday…

  1. Sound’s good. I’m envy you right now.
    (and, yeah, MR scans are really fun to do, but a little tiresome, at least when they check your head, and you have to lay really, really still).


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