peculiar factoid – MILF

Yesterday, on IRC, someone talked about MILFs.

First I asked “What’s a MILF?” and when noone answered I looked it up myself.

It either stands for “Mom I’d Like to Fuck” or “Moro Islamic Liberation Front”. I bet MILF (the filipino resistance movement) must have some problem being taken seriously in the USA. I bet you didn’t need to know that.

6 thoughts on “peculiar factoid – MILF

  1. tihi. i actually found ‘moro islamic liberation front’ equally hilarious as ‘mom i’d like to fuck’. the latter i have discussed manny a times, while the first i haven’t heard about before.

    mmmm. fuckable mothers… :)


  2. thihi.
    I must admit it’s been a long time since I last discussed MILFs. It was a thing when we were in our teens and full of hormones. And of course during lunch at the university. Gotta have something to talk about, not just boring things like the weather, cars, houses and kids (which, incidentally, are the things discussed during lunchbreaks in the oil industry).

  3. I didn’t need to know this, but it was a piece of funny information. Moro Islamic Liberation Front! That cracks me up!

  4. Apparently they killed some americans a few years ago. Probably weren’t taken seriously enough. :)

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