Not sure why I hate this.

I finally managed to get the nerve to ask for someone’s phone-number the other day (while I was still without my phone). I get my phone back and send her an SMS and no answer. I try calling a few hours later, and no answer. People try to comfort me, saying, she’s just busy doing something or other. Well, perhaps, but I still have that unpleasant feeling.

Anyway, today I turn a corner and she seems to be arguing or at least comforting someone who seems to be her boyfriend and give him a kiss, and in a sense it seems that feeling in the back of your head was correct. She had never intended to answer that SMS, perhaps?

And this is the part that pisses me off. I hate hanging in the air. I hate it when people don’t answer me and leave me hanging. A “No” or a plausible lie is better than no answer.

And anyway, it’s not like I’m going to sleep with someone just because I ask them to drink coffee or tea. There is a process of getting to know one another in between which may or may not eliminate the person as a possible romantic object long before anything happens. It seems many people seem to fail to notice that.

And I’ve had so many people tell me how many people consider me attractive I’m getting frustrated by it. If people find me attractive, why don’t they talk to me, get to know me?

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  1. DD wont work on my side of the internet. I bid you a good night. I’ll dream of you happy, maybe it’ll rub of on your current situation. Keep in mind our discussion, I speak the truth. See you when you get back. Wine and so forth.

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