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The time had come to update ubuntu. My computer has had an uptime of over a month and that’s impressive considering it used to freeze every three or four days. Anyway, the breezy badger was chucked out for the dapper drake (silly codenames for different versions of ubuntu linux) and the screen was blank. Dead. Nothing happened. I could log with a console shell and thank god for that, otherwise everything would be ruined.

I tried upgrading again. Nothing happened
I tried downgrading to breezy. Nothing happened.
I tried upgrading again for the second time. Screen still froze on startup.

At this point I’m considering a complete reinstallation of the system, and that’s a pain in the ass, but then, I get a smart idea! I can start the X-server (the program that runs the window manager and such on linux) manually and see what happens. What happens is that I get an ugly error message! Thank god for the work laptop! I can now google the ugly error message and see what happens! It turns out someone else had the same problem and a simple way to solve it: reconfigure the X-server!

The problem is solved, but now some old problems have surfaced, I have to recustomize my X-server to run it at my usual high resolution widescreen setting (1900×1200) and I have to reinstall the nvidia-driver for my screen card. That will have to wait a week until I return from my holiday in the south (Kristiansand).

And people say linux has become simple. Only if you run standard hardware with standard drivers.

5 thoughts on “warning! geeks only

  1. I dag lærte eg kva ei EDB maskin er.Tåpeleg at teknologien ska ha så sære namn på alt. Kvifor ikkje kalle ein spade for ein spade?! Kos deg på turen nedover i morgon!

  2. Ei EDBM er ei elektriskdatabehandlingsmaskin, altså ei dantamaskin. Kvifor dei ikkje kunne sagt det med ein gong skjønar eg ikkje.

  3. En Dantè-maskin? Sender den deg rett til helvete? Jeg er bare såååå rask i vendingen!

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