heat heat heat

I’ve felt so frustrated today.

One thing is the frustration, another is that it doesn’t help talking about it since it seems all my friends are now being bored to death listening to me.

Apart from that I drank coffee with Ume, we met up with Jonis and took some pictures (well, they took pictures, I was supposed to be a model, I was not in such a good mood, so I was probably a bad model). Later on we sat in the park, and it turned out there were a lot of people there doing capoeira, among them some brazilian instructors. They were extremely good. I’ve been wanting to learn capoeira, but the summer course is now and I’m going to Kristiansand on Wednesday. Hopefully they have a course in the fall. I want to do some acrobatics. Some goths I know were sitting looking, scoffing at the capoeira-people, kinda strange when you’re pale, fat and mostly disgusting, I presume the only way to deal with your own problems is to assume that it’s not you, it’s everyone else.
I even got to do push hands with one of the masters (he saw me and Kristian do push hands on the lawn). He thought I was good or something, thought I was “sensei” (I do chinese martial arts, they call it Shifu). You should have seen his muscles. I hope Ume posts some public photos of them tumbling, it was crazy.