Strange day at the DLK (horrible rhyme)

I had a meeting with Martin at DLK at 16.20 today. Nothing new about that. If we’re not there together, probably one or two us drop by seperately during the day.

Anyway, just after we sit down, a girl enters, I befriended her on the bus once because she read Harry Potter and was obviously a geek. Turns out she’s now studying physics. I was a little interested in her once, but she was too young and too taken, now she’s just too taken. :)

Time passes and then another of my past potential love interests drops by, not surprisingly since she used to work in the café. She’s french, hates the norwegian winter darkess and spends the winter months in Barcelona, like a migrating bird in a sense. Her returns signals summer… I got a hug. :)

And then the girl I’ve been talking to in the street enters, she’s wearing a nice skirt with flowers, high heels and is looking really good with her curly black hair and everything. I could feel my cheeks flush, not because of embarrasment, it was just like there was something in the air, as if it’s not just me, or something. Who knows, I might be imagining the whole thing. It’s summer after all. Anyway, she’s also taken. The feeling was good, though, I didn’t fret about lost opportunities. At some point I knew almost everyone in the café. I felt connected and less lost than I used to feel. A good start of my summer holiday, I think.