…that’s an old Dogbert quote from Dilbert.

Today I got up at 5.20 to go to Stavanger. I was attending a meeting to set the grades for the 2MX (math high school 2nd grade) exam. It was too easy and the kids got too good grades. :) Afterwards I went walking in the cute little streets of Stavanger. It’s a nice town. I can’t help liking it, and I usually hate cute little towns.

At the airport, I put my phone and laptop in a box to be scanned and while that happened I was stopped by the metal detector and the security officer decided to stroke me all over. It’s as much body contact I’ve had in ages. 😛 He was really thorough and I thought it was strange that were that thorough and therefore I forgot my phone at the security counter. I didn’t notice it until I sat in the plane trying to find the phone to turn it off…

I made some phone calls and it seems it was handed over to the police and then I had to make some more phone calls to get someone I know to pick the phone up at the airport. Apparently it will take the police a week to send the damned phone and it’s quicker to get someone to pick it up. So now I’m getting my ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s parents to pick it up for me. :)