How to get rid of asthma.

I found this site on the internet.

It’s probably the most inane thing I’ve ever heard of. The person has asthma and there are some (pretty sound) scientific theories out and about that says you can rid yourself of it (and other immunity-related problems) by getting yourself infested with worms. The worm excretes some kind of stuff that makes your immune system weaker.

This person…

a) Went to some off-beat area in Cameroon
b) walked around in human feces for two weeks
c) got infested with tape-worm
d) regularily walks about in his own feces to reinfest himself

…or this could be a hoax. What do I know?

Pretty soon everyone wants their own hookworm. Remember where you heard it first. 😛

7 thoughts on “How to get rid of asthma.

  1. I seem to remember a story vaguely about models infesting themselves with tapeworms to stay thin…
    Coulda been some medical show that didn’t necessarily base its stories on reality but I’m not really surprised at what people do to themselves. =P

  2. This person is trying to keep the number of worms large enough to sustain the control over his immune system but low enough to avoid malnutrition. He claims worms are not dangerous unless there is a food shortage and you’re a starving young child. It certainly isn’t sexy. OK, 10% of our body mass is non-human, but it’s microbic, a worm is a large animal living inside you, like a pet, I guess…

  3. Hrm… If 10% of our body mass is not human, and we are 90% water, what’s left?!?! =P
    How the heck does he control their growth in his body? Does he go in for regular x-rays?
    A pet intestinal worm. Sounds like fun! *hork*

  4. it just means that 10% of our weight is other type of cells (they make up 90% of the number of cells in our body) and since they also contain water those kind of calculations don’t make any sense.

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