even the mona lisa is falling apart

This feels like an extra weekend!

threw a fun party last night! Unfortunately I ran out of batteries at 1 am and had to take the long walk home. This morning I woke to the sound of the mayor adressing the morning procession, I turned over and slept three more hours…

Today I haven’t done much, but I went to a family party and they gave me champagne! Moët & Chandon, pretty standard champagne but there’s nothing like free champagne :) I walked home, this was the third long walk in two days. I really like walking. You get to think and have enough exercise to stay healthy, provided you do enough of it.

I feel I have acheived so much, but this was apparently all I did. Perhaps having fun feels more of an achievment in itself…

I also found a crack in my front tooth. A long one. It looks bad but the tooth is still whole and there’s probably no reason to worry until something falls off.

4 thoughts on “even the mona lisa is falling apart

  1. Ah! But fake teeth are sooo pretty! I LOVE my three fake front teeth. LOVE them!

    Of course, I got them for free. I might have had more mixed feelings if I had paid for them myself…


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