I went to three cafés on saturday. Not sure how much coffee I drank, but it was a lot. I presume the third visit could constitute what you call a date, but people don’t call it that anymore. A date is defined in retrospect. If you end up romantically entangled, your cafévisit three months before was a date, if not, then it wasn’t. It was fun anyway…

After the last café, I got take away from Nama, but it didn’t taste as good as it should. I’m not sure what was wrong with it, though. I couldn’t finish and put the rest in the fridge and ate it for breakfast today, that was not a success.

Later on, I went to a party and it was the first time in ages I met new people. It was great fun. It was also the third time in a short while that I had been flirted with by a married woman. She was extremely cute and with a sexy south-african accent (I love afrikaans), when I asked her to say something in afrikaans, she said “you are a very cute guy” and I acted shy. 😛

Later on I met ejectorhead, no_anesthetic and Ejectorhead’s sister and we went to Finnegans, which was packed. Everyone was slightly disappointed at the crowds and the noise and we left long before closing time.

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