I had a strange dream last night.

First I noticed in the dream that some men’s noses look like penis-heads, slightly purple, round and with a line down the middle.

Then I’m in the control room of some german TV-channel and they lock the doors and call the guards because there’s a lesbian at the door (lesbians are dangerousm, you know), but she climbs through the windows in her nightie and walks around in the atrium with her girlfriend and I suddenly notice she has nothing on underneath and there’s a fascinating bonfire straight ahead…

I presume that was a good time to wake up. I noticed that my nose didn’t look much like a penis.

7 thoughts on “Freud…

  1. I’m having a personal moment here and all you can think of is scavenging my CD-collection. I’ll see what I can find.

  2. Here’s the list:
    VA: body Rapture 8
    The Nine: Native Anger
    Fiction 8: Dissonance InDifference
    VA: 100 Tears (The Cure Tribute)
    VA: Newer Wave 2.0
    Black Lung: Extraordinary popular delusions
    KMFDM: Angst
    In Strict Confidence: Cryogenix
    VA: Virtual Energy 3
    VA: Newer Wave
    Regenerator: Soulseeker (promo)
    Prodigy: Breathe
    VA: Advance 2004.1(Mute promo)
    Download: sidewinder
    Inertia: demagnetized/remagnetized
    Lights of euphoria: beyond subconsciousness
    VA: Novamute 1.1
    VA: Psychoactivated 4
    VA: Industrial innocence
    Laurent Garnier: Flashback
    Signal Aout 42: Immortal collection
    Mentallo & The fixer meets Mainesthai
    X marks the pedwalk: drawback
    VA: The reincarnation of the sun
    VA: Venusa XX 1
    VA: Hymns of the warlock (skinny puppy tribute)
    Wumpscut: Born again
    VA: Diva X Machina
    Newt: -273C
    Hexedene: Choking on lilies
    FSOL: lifeforms (single)
    Gracious Shades: Aberkash

  3. WOOOOOOOOOO wicked. so much good stuff, incl prodigy, and i don’t even hva that one. guess it’s a single? hihi. let me know when you want to get it off your chest 😛

  4. Yeah, it’s a single. I bought it in Malaysia in 1997 for my girlfriend, but she hated it and I hate to take it back to Norway. :) I have the album and I don’t really need the remixes.

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