Today, dinner must be swift and early. This is because I am an idiot who can never say “no”.

In order to return to work in less than two hours, I am making chicken filet with rice and salsa. It’s simple food but nourishing. The salsa is of course home made. Salsa is easy if you know how to make it.

You need:
fresh tomatos (or canned)
whatever more you want to add…

If you use fresh tomatos, make sure you boil them quickly first so their skin peels off. (what IS this called in english??)

Fry the garlic, onion and chili in the oil for a short while
then add the tomatos and the salt and pepper
let it simmer until it’s nice and thick.


Even though this is really simple, people still cling to horrible salsa from a can. I pity the fools…

Have you noticed that you either eat chicken breast or chicken thigh? It’s obviously sexy food…

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  1. I remember I have seen a Larson cartoon about that – some puritans cover their ears when someone orders chicken.

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