Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

I’m a little more than one week into my trip and it seems like I have been travelling for a month. I guess it’s all the impressions that I have to process that makes it so, but it still feels weird. A little more than a week ago I was in rainy Bergen (which from the weather forecast I have seen isn’t so rainy anymore) and now I’m on Borneo.

Yesterday, I was on a hiking trip to a big cave-system, the Niah caves near Miri (where I am right now) and it was completely wonderful to see. It was pitch black in the caves and suddenly the sun shone through a hole in the cave ceiling and it looked like a laser beam shooting down.

As I am in the tropics, it wasn’t particularily pleasant to walk 8 km, I was soaked with sweat and on the last part of the trip it started raining. My shorts are barely dry 18 hours later, and the idea of bringing a spare pair of shorts never occured to me. What an idiot I can be.

Today, I’m going back to KL and we’re off to Perhentian islands on wednesday morning. We return to KL on friday night and then I’m off to Singapore for the last leg of my trip on saturday morning. I return to Europe on Monday night.