An old story, still surfacing.

I have been “dating” a girl, from time to time, for the past months. Nothing serious has ever happened and at some point last week I lost faith. I had seen her with this terribly hunky guy who is a salsa instructor and I thought, well, if she just dates salsa instructors, I’m giving her up. I can’t compete with that.

So, anyway, I go dancing tonight and I notice a girl there who I met some time ago while dancing, but she disappeared and never surfaced until tonight. I’ve been meaning to ask her out but it hasn’t worked out since I meet her like once a month.

Anyway, I sit there chatting and the other girl comes over, sits close to me, listens to my conversations, seems like she is trying to grab my attention. I am busy with conversation with the other girl, so I try to juggle my attention with both people and to avoid that, I introduce her. So, since I only meet this girl every month or so, I take the chance of asking her out, so I ask her for coffee (I need to change that catchphrase – it never works, even though coffee is not a big deal in my book, apparently it is in theirs GAAAH!) and she answers “When will I have time for coffee?” to which I reply “Surely, you must have 30 minutes for coffee some day”, she thinks for a while, looks at her friend beside her while smiling, suggest we go dancing some day. She doesn’t have time this week, but she is available the next thursday. I say that it’s fine, but at the same point I’m thinking she will never show up, so I don’t even bother asking about the number.

I get up to leave and I go to pick up my jacket and I see the other girl sitting at the bar chatting. I walk over to say bye and she says “I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow”, I reply “You mean, the three minutes we have available when your course ends and mine begins?” to which she replies “yes” and adds that she’ll see me at the dancing on thursday. The whole thing gets an extra dimension if I tell you that I hit on her best friend on saturday. I didn’t succeed, but it was pretty direct. I presume she has been told. I wonder what the hell she is thinking of.

You try to give up on someone and they come running after you but when you catch interest they run away. There’s a lesson to be learnt here, and the lesson is: give up understanding people.