I went to DLK today and the place was pretty empty except for a few dating couples. Alma was serving coffee and I sat down to drink a cup of Burundi.

After a short while, she said she had met a friend of mine this weekend, a darkhaired girl she had seen me with at the café a few times. She didn’t remember the name at first, she added she had also met the sister and I realized who she was talking about. This was a girl I spent a lot of time with before the summer, we had really good chemistry, people seemed to notice and asked if there was anything between us, and suddenly, she was gone on holiday and I didn’t hear from her until I met her in the street at 8 AM last week.

Alma guessed pretty quickly that I had been interested in the girl and said I should call her. I told her we had spent more or less every day together before summer and then she hadn’t contacted me at all after she returned from holiday, she hadn’t sent any message, didn’t return phone calls etc. I also told her that this was really annoying, especially since we were supposed to be friends. She encouraged me to call her or send her a message, to try to get in touch with her. I didn’t feel like it, I spent enough time trying to contact her during summer, and if she plans not to reply to mail or phone messages, I’m not going to start trying harder.

Not to mention, my ideal in social relations lately is to just flow. If nothing happens with someone, why bother fretting over it? I feel that the opportunity for dating her is gone, but that we can still be friends, but this would depend on some reciprocity, something which seems difficult for her.

2 thoughts on “hrmph

  1. I agree about the fretting thing. If something doesn’t work out with someone, it’s definitely not the end of the world.

    Plus, it doesn’t sound like she’s even a good friend. I hate it when people don’t return calls, etc.

  2. Undi Burundi! Hva slags tøyseland er det, da? < \revolvermagasinet>

    But I digress; wholeheartedly agree with the flowing easy thing, although things doesn’t always happen like that :/

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