I have spent two weeks doing a sommer workshop in Capoeira. This is something I have tried to join several times, but usually I find out about the workshop when it’s half finished.

Capoeira Na Chuva seems to be a nice group of people and capoeira is really fun but hard as hell to master for a beginner. The groups was more or less evenly distributed genderwise, which was good to see and there were few if none of the usual disturbed tough guys who are into martial arts.

Anyway, one of the beginners, a guy in his mid twenties seems to have so much theoretical knowledge of martial arts that he must have spent his life reading books about them rather than train. He was extremely uncoordinated and looked like a seal on land most of the time. He spent his time dissing tai-chi, which for me was really strange, since I have practised it for several years and know what it’s about. He didn’t seem to be impressed by capoeira as well since it was more or less a dance than a martial art in his eyes.

Some people are terribly stupid. I’m glad there was only one such person there.