Last week, I had an early appointment at the doctor, so I left the house at eight AM. Outside my door I find a large bag with music scores and other brass band periphenalia. I don’t look too close and I’m thinking that if someone left it there, I should just leave it so they can find it again. When I’m back home an hour later, it’s still there and I notice an address and a phone no. on the bag. I call the number and the woman who answers just sounds oblivious. She hasn’t lost a bag, she doesn’t recall some musical equipment being left behind but says she’ll look into it. A few minutes later a man calls, her husband, he tells me they had forgotten to lock the door and someone had stolen two bags. This particular bag contained a horn worth 20000 norwegian kroner, so they were pleased to get it back.

Later that day, they came over to show me their gratitude with flowers. I put on a brave face, I hate it when people give me flowers. They are still wilting in my kitchen (I have no vase). Please, don’t give me flowers, plants are OK.

Then last sunday, I was out taking pictures. When I got to the health centre SATS, I noticed a torn plastic cover which seemed really cool and I wanted to photograph it. I realize that this could look a bit suspect since people could be doing things inside, but since I have no sense of shame, I go ahead anyway. After I have taken the photo I hear a voice behind me yelling “Hey you!”, and I turn to see a policewoman who have stopped her car to ask me what I’m doing. I smile, walk over to her and show her the picture. She answers “Oh, It looked a bit suspect”. Naturally, I am allowed to leave.

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  1. Thanks! It will go down in the history as the macro shot that almost got me arrested 😀

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