What I learnt from facebook

People tend to be surprised about who they meet on facebook. This has more or less stopped being an issue for me, everyone seems to get a profile on facebook these days and my friends list is growing at a geometric rate.

Somehow I found a cousin’s facebook. I haven’t seen him much for most of his life since they moved to another part of the country when he was four or five. But anyhow, his profile lists him as interested in men and in a relationship!

This is really fascinating, even though my family is pretty liberal, they are also a loud rowdy bunch with a tendency for strong language. You’d never think of any of them as gay. Yet statistically there would have to be at least 5% gay people in any given group of people, so someone had to finally get out of the closet! 😀

Then I got into the profile of another cousin, she’s into being friends, dating, random play and whatever she can get. It’s so unusual to think of your young family members as people with sexual interests.

Now I am just waiting to see my niece’s profile. I wonder what that will reveal about her…

7 thoughts on “What I learnt from facebook

  1. the day you find out your parents are swingers from facebook, that’s the day I’m looking forward to.

  2. I’m not sure “swingers” is an alternative on facebook. :) in that case I might never find out…

  3. What? Gay people can be as loud and rowdy with extremely strong language as anybody 😛

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