Why do people always post about what they did during the week and the weekend and what-not? What did I do?

On saturday, I went out with a colleague, and her friend who lives in Stavanger. We had a lot of fun, I was acting like I was drunk even though I was quite sober. The whole thing was strange. They both have some kind of ideal relationship that they have left and that they miss. For the first one, it has made her go back to her “ideal ex” whom she dated when she was 17, and for the other it has meant getting a new relationship which she doesn’t feel very enthusiastic about. I was feeling really naughty and I teased her about it, coming up with lines like “Did you dump him?” and referring to him as her future ex-boyfriend. I can be so evil. Thankfully she took a liking to me and didn’t take any of my comments seriously and laughed all the way through them. I really liked her, and I wished she lived her and was single so I could have asked her out. Actually, never mind single, I’d probably do them both a service if I had broken them up.

It seems that love in the 30s is a complicated matter. People compromise and stick out with people they don’t really like for the fear of loneliness. I find the whole thing strange. Fear of the unknown, I guess. We seem to prefer the comfort of having someone to love rather than risk being lonely searching for someone great to love. I keep asking myself what I’d do in a situation like that and no answer seems to present itself.

At kvarteret, my colleague managed to give away her phone number to a french guy with a desperate look, telling me he’d never call because. Of course, he called her 30 minutes after we left, trying to get her to, well, go somewhere? She panicked and turned off her phone. I told her later that if she just wanted to practice her french with him, she should have said so immediately, so that he didn’t get his hopes up. Why do I always have to teach people dating? Empirically speaking, I suck at dating. I’m slow at catching on, I never make a move until I feel it’s safe and I manage to find all the wrong people. Realizing that others are worse than this, doesn’t make the world safe for democracy.

Talking to several friends in different milieus, it seems that there are cracks forming in recently developed relationships. One friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend, and two other relationships seem in constant danger of falling apart. All of these relationships are approximately six months old.

I have also realized that I go out a lot and that I have met a lot of old friends. It’s been hectic but good. The side effect of being actively single, is that you meet a lot of people, in fact so many that I forget both names and faces. I seem to be accumulating contacts at an alarming rate. If this continues, I’ll know everyone in town by the end of december.

7 thoughts on “Zatertag

  1. Kvarteret? Aren’t you a bit too old for that place? I know that I feel old there!
    (On the other hand I went down and complained to my neighbour taht they were noisy this weekend, so I am really old)(and I didn’t tell you that, did I?)

  2. I like fresh young meat 😛 Actually, there were many people my age there. Not sure why.

    No, you forgot! I want full report about your neighbour! :)

  3. Personally I find fresh meat – pah, who am I fooling, I like twenty somethings every once in a while too… Haven’t been at Kvarteret since forever, though.

    Very exciting at our neighbours, some of the people that started in Larmonien about the time I quitted were there. when I came down grumpy and yelling they were all: “Hi Klara!” “Cool, how are you!” “That’s Klara? Really?” I felt really, really old.

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