letmenatalya showed me some pics she had made with a cheap Holga camera.

These cameras are really cool little devices that usually come with a plastic lens and not much else, they’re famous for light leaks and being generally cute. They’re so cheap, I think the largest cost will be the development of film, they use a 120 mm film normally, but can be modded to use 35 mm or polaroid. It seems like a fun hobby, not to mention, it’s ok to break them since they’re so cheap. :) I think that if I am to take up a hobby, there must be some room for failure.

You can buy them from Ebay or holga.net

I presume this says a lot:
Welcome to Toycamera.com.
We’re all about Plastic Cameras. Cameras called “Holga”, “Diana”, “Dories”, “Debonair”, “Lubitel”, “Banner” “Snappy” and “Yunon”. They’re cheap, maddening, fascinating plastic pieces of crap. Many people hate them, they think they’re junk, worthless, a waste of time. But we love them. We can’t stop talking about them. We just can’t shut up at all. We like the lack of sharpness, we appreciate the light leaks, we find the poor viewfinders amusing.

What’s not to love about that? :-)

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