As most of you saw, my mood sucked ass when I came home from work today.

I felt a little brighter going back to school for the weekly salsa and it was a lot of fun. I had a lot more rhythm than last week and we learnt something new that I actually mastered. This was of course due to the fact that some of the people I danced with, actually were good, so I could easily figure things out from them. I even managed to ask someone to stay behind for the next half hour to practice, she was quite good and the strangest part was that she was doing high school physics, so she kept asking me to help her with mechanical waves. I said “Sure, just dance with me and I’ll teach you physics” 😛

I actually get a kick out of leading girls around, which I guess is OK while you’re dancing and I’m not really bad at it either. Having done some pushing hands before really helps, but since the purpose is more or less the opposite (in pushing hands your object is to destabilize the other person and perhaps throw him or her to the ground) you have to be more gentle. If you know which way to lead the girl and she knows how to follow, much of the groundwork is laid for good dancing, it seems.

After I had been dancing with the physics-girl for a while, someone came over to ask us for help with the routine we had practiced. They just couldn’t figure it out and I realized why: She was hard to lead and he didn’t understand where to lead her.

I was so euphoric for the next three hours, it felt like I was high on some kind of drug. Yes, I know, it’s the effect of the endorphines in my bloodstream and it feels great. I wish I could do this more often. :) I had not much more reason to feel good at that point than I had for feeling bad earlier, I had not gone through a large change that altered me profoundly, but it obviously felt like it. I owe it to biochemistry.

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  1. Some femmes likes to be lead you know, and it’s a good thing you enjoy leading as well.
    I am glad it made you feel alot better :)

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