Rudeness and hunger

I had forgotten to buy bread yesterday, so I had to go out for lunch today. I came to Godt Brød seeing the line of people in disarray. Usually people form an almost military line in there, queueing up for take away, cappucchino or just bread. I knew where my place was (at the very end) but I got a bit frustrated with the woman in front of me. Everyone else managed to get neatly in line when they realized they were too many to be served in a friendly respectful manner but she stood there, almost to the left of me, behind the woman in front of her (but not next to the counter, as is the custom). This irritated me for a few reasons, firstly, people could start believing that there was two lines, one behind her, and therefore attempt to sneak in front of me, and secondly, I was terribly hungry, making the idea of someone getting food before me unbearable, untolerable and a reason to declare a local jihad. The woman in front closed ranks and I thought no more of it, or her (she performed some more minor irritating acts later, but nothing worth mentioning).

Then another middle aged woman comes in, sees the queue, looks like she will try to take my place, I look at her thinking something like “oh, no, don’t even THINK about it” and her face goes a bit stern and she goes to the end of the line. Good, I’m hungry. I will obey the rules but I will not hesitate to tell you if you try to get food before me. It will NOT happen. Then some other woman enters, the same age, fiftyish, dark hair, she places herself BEHIND me. This is not in line, I care not for her, my place and my food is secured, but I am really amazed that the women who was next in line never said anything. This annoying bitch managed to jump the whole queue and noone said anything. Noone.

It’s not very amazing that people break the rules when they get away with it. People, enforce your rights, don’t expect others to protect you.

7 thoughts on “Rudeness and hunger

  1. my favorite persons in the world when it comes to lines: old ladies. they seam to be to old to ever cheat, standing first in line is they god given rigth. And for that matter not stoping for red ligth, cars from the rigth are not worty of atention, nor is people at foot, dogs, cats and espessaly not rude young people.

  2. Society is a just a thinly disguised anarchy. People can sneak in whatever lines they want, just don’t try to sneak in front of me.

  3. UGH.

    to catch the bus from where i park to where my classes are always sucks. your story sounds like it. people – how hard is it to stand in line? do you NEED to get on the bus before me? will it achieve ANYTHING?

  4. In China people always tried to get on the bus before everyone else, it was hilarious. People pushed and shoved, but they were never angry with eachother, it was as if they were performing some kind of bus-ritual. I taught myself how to guess where the bus would stop, stand there and get on the bus before the shoving started.

  5. I hate people who don’t respect the queuing “norms”.. simply hate them… it makes me think of something: a friend from loooong time ago usually does this.. and one night after going out, I was standing in a line at 7/11.. Some bitch tried to sneak in in front of me, and I pushed here softly to the side, trying to pretend as if nothing was happening. She tried to push back, but it was impossible as I stood very firmly and claimed my space, kind of.. She kept on pushing.. THEN I realized it was her, and we both got very embarrassed 😛 Usually we talk a lot when we see each other, but this time we didn’t really know what to say..

  6. yeah, i always place myself right at the front, and people still try to push me out of the way. i’m usually the first or second on the bus anyway though. also, i stand right at the curb, and then smile REALLY big at the (usually male) bus driver as he’s pulling up, so he will stop in front of me.

  7. I think that the nature of hunger is like this: “You have not eaten. Please kill something and devour it. Thank you.”

    Hence the abnormal sense of rage when in line for good bread :)

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