Please reboot universe

Not sure what to say. I haven’t done an update for a long time, just silly memes.

I was dating a girl before christmas. It went really well, I thought. We were kissing and stuff, but no hanky-panky. 😛 Then after Christmas she “dumped” me almost on the door-step, something which I thought was really strange because she had asked me the day before to buy her chocolate. My conclusion was that she’s either really silly or very calculated in a very strange way. For some reason she wanted to “stay friends” and we met on Tuesday. I was not trying to make a good impression. I stayed brief for the whole hour she was there. She asked to meet me again today and I said “sure”. Then earlier she sent me a message saying she’s sick and has to reschedule. I still have no clue what she’s up to. I thought you were to drop all contact once you give the “Let’s Just Be Friends”-speech?

I’m feeling a bit stranded because of this. I’m probably better off without her though. My only regret was that I didn’t turn in the door when she gave me the friends-speech and left with the chocolate. :-)

20 thoughts on “Please reboot universe

  1. Maybe she actiually ment it? Though there must be sad that using one of the most well known clishes that is known to belong in “the oposite of what I say”-land and actiually mean it is… not to good. 😛

    – Nortis

  2. We’ve already told you several times you’re better off without her. Start listening to your friends, dammit! ;P

  3. I know. At the same time I don’t feel better off alone. I just felt sad walking home alone. I was in the mood for love but without opportunities. I don’t like that. I don’t like it when things seems complicated and you feel you have little or no opportunities at the moment.

  4. Understandable. But no love and no worries is better than no love and a moody girl who can’t decide what she wants and can’t be straight about it. She’s just not worth it.

  5. Aww girls can be cruel without realising that’s what they are being. People can be real jerks to people around Christmas and behave quite inconsiderately.

  6. Sure. I’m not going to drag her to court or anything. I just don’t feel like having any contact with her.

  7. One does simply not pull the whole “let’s be friends”-speech and mean it. It’s not proper.

  8. I’m still not sure what she actually meant by it. I was confused at first, because she said she didn’t want a relationship and I was thinking that we didn’t have a relationship, so that was fine. Then a few minutes later I’m beginning to understand that she didn’t want any intimacy or something to that effect. Right now I just want to put it behind me and forget her.

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