About this religion-quiz that everyone seems to be posting. I ended up scoring the highest on Satanism, which really pissed me off. I hate Anton LaVey. I honestly think that calling complete egotism “satanism” is one of the most childish and stupid thing ever done. I think I got that because I’m slightly self centered these days, and as for me being self-centered, well I’m single, I have few people to relate to and I see no point in admitting to care most about myself, who else should I care about. Most of my friends and family are well balanced and need little or no care from me, so there’s no point in worrying about them.

If you call yourself a satanist, you need to grow up. Quickly. And pray (haha) that you don’t end up in a discussion with me, because I’m well informed, eloquent and opinionated.

Well that was pretty harsh.

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  1. but satanism is so fun!

    i read the satanist bible once, when i was in high school – just because i was interested. i didnt really understand why it was called satanism, as satan seems to have nothing to do with the basic ideas.

    anyway, good post – i agree.

  2. I agree, satanism is just a poor excuse for not having moral convictions and standards. “Humans are animals they say” and yes, that is correct, but that has no bearing on anything. We are not dogs or leopards og mice, we are humans, and our social situation dictates that we need practically workable sets of rational morals. Satanism has none of that, it’s just a fancy name for irresponsibility.

    <3Immanuel Kant<3

  3. oh and btw, I gave my Dad the satanic bible for xmas a few years back. He’s into Carlos Castaneda, and I figured if he wants to be into something stupid and new agey, satanism atleast has a cooler image. Hahaha.
    Hippies. Yeech.
    (Now, he’s the most irresponsible guy I know of…)

  4. I could never understand that either, I never read the satanic bible (even the name is tacky) but I have the impression that the whole thing is a way to point out that every human is closest to themselves, and in a sense a selfish being. This is not something we need religion for, in many cases, this seems to be the default for (many) humans, even unselfish acts of altruism tend to give people something back, even if it’s just a positive self image. Having a religion for something that is almost natural, is like making going to the bathroom a law, unnecessary.

  5. Satanism – The kool religion for kids. Selfishness in a nice package, etc.

    I’m sometimes fascinated with the fact that some rules are based on logic or hygiene, like washing your hands after going to the bathroom, but are interpreted by many people as moral standpoints.

  6. I read the satanic bible in high school, and my appraisal of it was “well written bullshit”. I still have the book in my shelf though, it’s right next to Winnie the Pooh. With the Book of Mormon on the other side.

    Satanism is for kids who need some justification to hold on to in order to be independent. Kind of ironic…

  7. I think part of the reason I feel so strongly about this, was that I discussed this with some goth guy in Kristiansand last year. I’d say he was an egocentric atheist. My theory is that he liked the opposition of christianity implied by the word “satanism”. Such an inane idea could only come from America (when you must be religious to get anywhere, it seems)

  8. Oh, but they are so cute! Ûber-cute! Mmmmmmmmmm *hugs nearest black clad person with an assosiation with any ‘underground’ movement*

    Apart from that, I agree with you. But of course, we could all learn valuable lessons from Satan nonetheless. *hugs satan to* Cute Satan!

  9. I find most of those quizzes to be unbearably stupid. I believe I did that that quiz and I think I remember reacting to the prevalance of Satanic references throughout. It gave me a sense that if you didn’t have particular beliefs in one very specific way, you’d inevitably end up as a Satanist. *rolls eyes*

    On a completely unrelated note, I have someone here visiting, whom I believe you know. This is someone who’s a recurring acquaintance of my significant other, someone intensely mercurial, of small stature. And I think that the conclusion you’ve made is the right one. We’re all a little sceptical of this one’s behavioral pattern, and I’m sorry you got caught in it. *supportive hug*

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