I am an idiot.

Today, I made two stupid mistakes in my class.

It was late, somewhere around 3 pm and it was my fifth lesson in a row.

The first one was strange but slightly logical:

Remember, since I’m not wearing my glasses, I am almost deaf.

I had of course meant blind

The next one slipped out of my mouth for no apparent reason, I have no idea what my mind was thinking of, but certainly not what came out of my mouth:

Student: Where do you keep the radioactivity?
Me: I keep it up my ass.

I actually broke off the sentence as soon as it came out, but it didn’t help. I have no idea what I was thinking of. I could have mixed up the word for ass (rompe) with the word for room (rom). Anyway, I turned red like a lobster.

*SIGH* This year I’ll be making the quotes-page in the yearbook.

15 thoughts on “I am an idiot.

  1. You know, personally I am almost deaf without my glasses. Not in the sense that I can’t hear, but in the sense that everything is very blurred. And I’m not kidding. I think it’s because when I take them off, I concentrate so much on seeing that all my other senses are decreased. Including my cognitive skills in general.

  2. Radioactive ass! Hah! :)
    But still, theese are fun quotes, of the kind students expect from their (slightly eccentric 😉 physics teacher. It’s much worse when you do elementary mistakes with the math, and cant’ see it even when students point it out to you, and insist that you are right for an whole lesson, not managing to solve the given problem… I did that once, as a vit.ass. inn general chemistry. now that was embarrasing.

  3. Haha. I suppose making a fool of yourself is a charming trait (although fairly embarrassing)

  4. En fyr som bor på tunet mitt, som er kunstner og som er regnet som en merkelig fyr (muligens alkoholiker) beskrev meg tidligere som en sær fyr. Hahah.

  5. I go the other way. I care less about my eye-sight and concentrate on my hearing. I usually tend to freak out when I can’t orient myself without my hearing. Therefore, I usually don’t walk around wearing my ipod.

  6. hahahhaha loving it!
    i think this is not the vorst thing to be remebered for. beeing the teacher wo keep saying “ka” for a baout 34 times during ONE clas… or the awful teacher with the insane love for garlic *bleh*, or the demented guy who keep talking about algebra. i could go on and on. no, you are the teacher who is human in the way you say funny stupid things.

  7. Thanks. I’ll try to make a habit of it. Tomorrow I will claim to have an induction motor hidden in my mouth (or something…)

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