Whenever I walk, I keep thinking of really good things to post on LJ but I never remember them when I get home.

Today I had some profound insight walking to town but it’s all gone now. On my way home I had another one which I still remember: When I was a kid, I’d sometimes start writing diaries, but I’d usually stop after a few weeks because I was embarrassed about what I had written the week before. This kind of thinking also applied to my self-image. When I’d think back a few weeks or months, I’d think of myself as a very childish person. It’s been very long since I’ve done that, yet today I had a similar feeling. I ran into someone in town, whom I hadn’t spoken to for several months. She seemed a whole lot more centered and relaxed than she had been when I last met her and she looked good, radiant in a sense. Then as I walked home afterwards, I kept thinking back to this last summer when I met her a lot, we used to go for coffee, walk the mountain, make dinner, just hang out and then she just suddenly got caught up in studies and some issues with her boyfriend. Anyhow, I just got a feeling we had both grown older from that point. It was a strange and very pleasant feeling. I really enjoyed the time I had with her.

10 thoughts on “insight

  1. I have those all the time.
    If i did remember all of them i would go insain.
    Well…more insain that is.
    These thoughts come to you and leave you, and that is the way it should be.
    It’s like a caress from the beyond.
    Enjoy them, and let them go.

  2. Would be really cool if you could. Besides, I`m sure everyone could fly for a bit if they jumped out of a tall building. Guess it depends on ones definition.

  3. Yes. “Flying” is in itself not accurate enough a word for what I can’t do. 😀

  4. Hehe yep yep 😀 But good luck if you ever are going to try though, hoping for the best and such :> Teehee

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