hosed system

Dear friends in Livejournal (and other lurkers who have me on RSS – you know who you are).

I have just hosed my linux-installation and I am not sure what to do about it. Right now I am using KNOPPIX so that I can actually get a GUI and get some info on what to do.

I can either reconfigure my xserver, I know this worked the last time this happened, install knoppix, try gentoo again or some other fancy linux-system. I am actually considering using KDE instead of openbox because it has a tendency to work. All options have the good sides and bad sides. I really want to move my home-partition to a different disk than the / partition and therefore I think about waiting and cleaning up my system before I do anything rash. All the mentioned options have their upsides and downsides. Right now I am just a bit annoyed that my screen resolution is a meagre 800×600 instead of my regular 1920×1200.

My biggest problem is that my work-laptop is being upgraded and I don\t have access to it right now. Using linux without a backup-computer is always slightly difficult.

Your friend,
Andraax/:ystein (yes, knoppix uses US keyboard as default)

Update: My computer actually works again. It just needed a reboot and I didn’t figure it out at the time. I can be such a dork.

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  1. and somewhere in this post i managed to read *sexserver*.. instead of xserver apparently.
    *pervy mood today* 😛

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