I started the day feeling frustrated and sorry for myself and finished the day feeling slightly tipsy. In between I did this:

a) Taught 2 math lessons and one physics lesson.
b) Told bad jokes to students
c) Drank coffee
d) Attempted a recovery on my ipod whose filestructure I hosed yesterday
e) Called my best friend (who complained about fleas)
f) Wrote some pages in my moleskine diary that didn’t turn out as negative as I had expected.
g) Ignored some people I didn’t like
h) Had a free dinner at Opera
i) Participated in the Opera-quiz
j) Flirted with a cute girl at the next table
k) Won the Opera-quiz (and gained another free dinner)
l) Drank three glasses of wine and flirted with the bartender
m) Talked to said girl (from section j)
n) Walked home in a slightly tipsy state due to section l.
o) Did a second (and more successful) attempt at ipod-recovery
p) Copied files that couldn’t be recovered by gtkpod into a different directory for future attempts at recovery.

And now the plan is to brush teeth, go to bed and make sure tomorrow is even better than today.

6 thoughts on “Monday…

  1. Holy camoly!

    Quiz is seroious business, not for flirting! I have never flirted on the Opera quiz! So, with whom did you flirt? Tell me! Tell me! I need to know! 😛

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