Extremely spontaneous socializing.

I almost wrote an entry about cryogenic freezing of warts yesterday, but I gave it up. It was a useless subject.

Today, I had a dinner-date, but she was sick and stayed home. Before I could plan what to eat, another friend came around, asking me to fill up her replacement ipod that she had just received. We had to go to my work where I kept the backup files from her old ipod. Everything went fine except for the 33 files she has bought in iTunes. The DRM denied her to put them back onto the ipod, so now I have to find a way to De-DRM the files. Then we went to a restaurant with two more people and had a nice indian meal. Before we left I got an SMS from mallpunk saying she was holding court at DLK from 19.30, so I went that way after dinner. I’m getting so many friends at that place, it’s almost ridiculous. After mallpunk and Ume left, I stayed back, talking to the barista, Marie and a friend of hers who works at Dromedar, I didn’t really know her, at first but I got to know her during the conversation. Then there were some other people there who I also had to talk to, in total three groups of people, so I had to take turns chatting with the different people.

This was not what I planned this morning, but I’m really happy it turned out the way it did. I love to talk to people. Isolate me from interesting conversation and I go mad.

6 thoughts on “Extremely spontaneous socializing.

  1. Yep, interesting conversations are one of the most important things in my life too. No wonder I go nuts with this master thesis.

  2. A bald man in a labcoat steps closer to the freezer, gazing ominously at the cold steel storage space. He rubs his hands together, looking about him to see if anyone is spying, then steps up and pressed on the lid, letting it slide back with an audible hiss. Frozen mist rolls forth from the freezer as the scientist bends over, peering into the container’s depths. And there it lies…. horrifying, even in its frozen state. “THE WART!! IT’S ALIVE!!” the man screams as lightning flashes outside in the dark night.

  3. Eg tykkjer det er bra du ikkje er så underernært på millommenneskeleg kontakt som eg i utgongspunktet t rudde.

  4. Det holder på å forbedre seg. Gårsdagen (og forsåvidt denne dagen) var et definitivt høydepunkt. Jeg får håpe at kurven viser stadig forbedring. :-)

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