I was out with some people today, mostly old friends, RPG/LARP-people.

Most leave somewhere around midnight and we’re three left, me, Thomas and Harald. We make this rule that only the guy with the hat can talk (it’s Harald’s hat) and this almost results in the poor guy’s hat being ripped apart by Thomas trying to get a word in between Harald’s monologue about the stanislavski method (or something, I wasn’t paying attention).

Anyway, as we’re about to leave, we sit down and armwrestle (not my idea) and I lose. Then we get up to leave and stop outside near the door and suddenly this turns into a discussion about lovelife.

It turns out that my friend Thomas, aged 33, has developed a crush on a 17-year old girl (she’ll be 18 in three weeks). I think this is very funny and he’s saying he’d hoped to meet her today. She sent him a message pointing out that she’s too young to do grown-up things. So we make him suggest to go out with her to drink hot cocoa and eat cinnamon-rolls. She answers that he should wear a clown-suit, it’s all tongue in cheek and very good response but at the end she writes “Good night, my friend”. He gets so stuck up on the “my friend”-thing thinking she had basically thrown him off by calling him a friend.

I’ve always made friends with people before I have sex with them. From that perspective he has nothing to fear. Why is it that some people think that friendship is a automatic barrier for sex? Anyway, from their conversation I think he has a fairly good chance, she obviously likes him.

It was fun to see him fret over these things. :-)

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  1. heh. I’d love to just be friends with 17 years olds. much more fun to hang around the skatepark than being serious work people… :)

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