sic transit gloria mundi

And now…

Friday night. I’m out with a friend, recently dumped. We have a nice chat at a very nice wine-bar. Then we go to a pub, meet some friends and have a very silly conversation. Then we meet some more friends and have an even more silly conversation. First groups of friends move to a different pub and we follow. Recently dumped friend then hears song on stereo that reminds him of ex. Friend leaves. Me regroup. Find other friends. Get bored and feels excluded. Return to previous bar. Find previous silly girls. Gets tired. Leaves. Feels slightly lonely. Meets neighbour who flirted with me some time ago with recently acquired boyfriend. Boyfriend looks like dork. Evidently no justice in world, unless she is as shallow as he seems (quite possible).

Anyway, I’m on my way home, feeling blue and I meet a friend from the party I held about a month ago and I’m pleased to see her. We chat for some time, this lifts my mood, unfortunately some old fart comes by. On any other night I might be interested in toying with the idiot, but I’m in no mood for that. I try to tell him bluntly what to do:

Old Fart: Hello!
Me: Go away
Old Fart: The street is free for all
Me: I said: Go away
Me: You can’t make me leave.
Me: I will kick you.
Him: I can stay here as long as I want
Me: No you can’t
Him: Why not?
Me: Cause I will kick you.
Him: I can stay here as long as I want
Me+Her (in unison): GO AWAY!!!
Him: You can’t force me to leave
Me: Yes I can
Him: How
Me: I will kick you
Him: You just try.
Me: I might
Him (said from a distance as he walks away): I’d hit you so hard
Me: Oh what a big mouth you have!

I used to be able to irritate a stone in ten seconds. Why does it suddenly take me about ten exchanges of dialogue to actually piss someone off? And what the hell makes some old fart think he can hit on an eighteen year old girl?!? She was pleased that I told him to piss off, although I must admit I did it first and foremost to irritate him.

I followed her to the bus and walked home alone without any more disturbances.

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