Too Much Coffeeee

Today, I had a simple plan: To be trendy in Cafés.

I went to work, picked up some papers for a physics-competition I’m judging, and set off for Café Dromedar. Upon entering I heard they played Depeche Mode and two people I know was already there, doing work.

I drank two cups of coffee and had lunch, doing about a third of the work I have. Then I went to buy some clothes, ate another lunch and went to DLK. I sat down and had a double espresso, chatted with the baristas and had a lot of fun. In comes another friend, an ex-barista, we sat and chatted for a while and she suggested getting a large pot of coffee and drink it outside. Some alarm-bells went off in my head, but not strong enough to avoid the lure of a woman with coffee. I drank another two cups of coffee and this made me more or less coffee-drunk and really really silly.

I removed my belt and suggested to whip people with it, very casual and friendly, since no-one was interested, I whipped myself. Then I started chatting about Alphaville and proved to my surroundings that I knew the lyrics of several of their songs (by singing them loudly, of course). From this I learnt two things:

a) I have no sense of shame
b) I have an above average singing voice.

Afterwards I almost ruined a chess-game by chatting too much.

I think I’m back in shape, unfortunately.

4 thoughts on “Too Much Coffeeee

  1. Haha, I can just imagine you hopping around smacking yourself with your belt while bellowing Forver Young at random passers-by. That’s why I’m afraid of coffee 😛

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