Hard Candy

Last night I considered calling in sick today. I went to bed early, had an uneasy sleep (I always wake up from strange dreams I need to interpret) and managed to sleep until the alarm went. I got up and felt OK, so I went to work. On thursdays I have three classes of two hours each with two hours inbetween each class, so I decided to go home and rest between classes, I was sick after all. This worked like a charm. I didn’t feel like I had been dragged through hell and I was awake and actually a little charming and fun in class. Well, I had fun, not sure about the students…

Later on I went to see the surprise-film at the Bergen Filmklubb. They showed Hard Candy. The film is some sort of psychological thriller but it left me feeling a little indifferent. The film is about a 32 year old guy who picks up a 14 year old girl on the internet and she drugs him, tortures him and pretends to cut his balls off. If you’re interested in that kind of stuff (girls torturing older men), you’d better watch Audition instead. It’s much more creepy. It actually gets worse from repeat screening because you know what to expect (and you expect something baaad).

Whenever americans make a film that involves a difficult subject, there’s always the question of morality. What if the guy in the film was not a paedophile and what if the girl was old enough for him to fuck? Would the story be any different? I think it would be better because there would have been less “right” and “wrong”. In a sense I always get the feeling that they present you an already finished worldview, there’s nothing to reflect upon.

The japanese movie of course has no such moral qualms. Things happen because they do. There is no need for moral considerations or faux dilemmas for a woman to cut off a man’s foot. In fact, without reasons and explanations you’re left even more stumped, even more shocked because in the end none of your questions are answered. Even in bad japanese horror movies, there is apparently an element of Zen.

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  1. Some day, I will write down my incomplete hypothesis that the Japanese are really giant miniature space aliens from outer space in human form, and that only earthly culture blending can corrupt them into becoming something we wrongly perceive as normal.

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