It was a nice party. blu3linn brought friends and at the beginning my friends were a minority. This felt rather strange, but my friends arrived late, later than late and in some cases in the nick of time and the balance of power was restored. The feeling was great and I think everyone had a great time, especially after we got rid of Batman.

Objects found:
One dress with polka dots. Please tell Ruth to contact me to get it back.
Cheap orange-juice
An opened bottle of Coca Cola
A bottle of red-wine in my kitchen-cupboard.

A word of caution for the future:

Please do not invite anyone under 18 or anyone over who is currently attending high-school to any future parties. I have my job to think of.

12 thoughts on “party

  1. If they had been my own students it would have been a problem. I’m just trying to avoid grey-areas for the future.

  2. Dere trenger ikke være elever for å høre lærerstemmen ;)Vi kan arrangere “bækk tu skuul”-fest.

  3. HAHA. But drinking with the teachers were so fun when we were at that age! But then again, I’m from the countryside… (and still seventeen).

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