I just came back from Oslo and it felt completely anticlimactic.

Oslo is more densely populated, there are large buildings everywhere and there are cafés all over. Not to mention the weather is better, there are more shops and more restaurants. In addition, my tiny group of raving aesthetic elitists have now moved there and I miss their company.

On return to Bergen it was cold, unpleasant and boring. Thankfully I met friends when I went to town to get food. It really cheered me up :-)

I have been thinking during this summer that I am due for some kind of changes. I have felt terribly off balance for the past two years and in some way I must make some kind of changes to feel better. Considering a move might be one way of assuring major changes in my life. Other possibilities is getting a different apartment or getting a girlfriend. That last bit would certainly demand something I can not control or organize that easily, namely the willingness of a person I am interested in. We’ll see what happens.