Happy Potter

Everyone else seems to finish that damned book so quickly, I’m still only half way and it’s making me feel like a slow learner…

…but my IQ is huge, goddamnit!!! 😛

aesthetic accident

You may have read the article on the rail accident in The Ukraine that set ablaze an insane amount of red phosphorus. I came across this photograph of the accident and I was immediately struck by the beauty of the photograph. The heat from the flames, the firefighters, it’s a bit like watching a several hundred years old painting. Everything seems to carefully balanced. The photographer’s name is Yriy Kalinak.

Stunning and horrible at the same time. Here is the picture in context.

more weirdness

At my regular café, there is a woman who is desperately in love with one of the baristas. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that he has a girlfriend and it’s obvious that the woman is not his type, by far.

This was discovered accidentally by one of the regulars who noticed she always was there when this particular guy was at work. I remember once he was at work but had left his post, she came in and asked in an almost desperate tone: “Where is he?!” Apparently, he was just around the corner having a cigarette…

Today I sat down and tried having a conversation with her. Bad idea. She was very interested in showing how much she knew about coffee, the problem was that from what she was saying it was quite obvious she knows nothing about coffee.

Her only interest in coffee extends to the fact that her latte needs to be in a large bowl (more milk, less taste of coffee) and that there needs to be cinnamon in the steamed milk or something. This is very important to her. She never found any good cafés in New York and the one she found didn’t have any cinnamon. To me, who actually enjoys the taste of coffee (and not necessarily the milk) this was rather pointless. It seemed more important to her to get her regular self composed brew than trying what the locals could dish up. If that is the case then you should perhaps never leave the safety of your local neighbourhood.

I swear, I never try to hang around strange people, they just show up.

My problem lately is that I’m getting picky about my coffee, I only enjoy what the best baristas make. What should I do when the other baristas are working? I’m turning into a snob.

A small side note

When you meet people, you tend to meet other people. Through a possible love interest, I met a girl who seems to ask me to go out with her all the time. As she is quite fun to be with, I am more than pleased to out drinking wine or beer with her.

As I am interested in her friend, and as this girl has a love interest on a fishing boat somewhere in the south seas, I have never really considered hitting on her (for more than the obligatory five minutes after meeting her), but we have a lot of good, honest conversation and we spend much time together. Some of this seems really strange to me, cause she’s slightly flirty with me, keeps touching me and I have no clue as to what she means by it, if anything.

As this fisherman is far away and will stay far away for a long time, she has decided to “pursue other options”. She met this guy when we were out one day, he reminded her of her ex and had some strange fashion accessory which made him stand out of the crowd. They exchanged numbers and he seemed to be keen to make contact. She had told me that she wanted him around as a friend and get to know him properly in case something went wrong with Mr Fisherman.

Mr Ex-lookalike would have none of that slow build up. He kept contacting her, trying to get her to do stuff, assuming that a tentative appointment was a set date, and perhaps the funniest of all from my perspective, he got jealous because she had dinner with me.

Of course, he doesn’t know that I am completely uninterested in her, that I wouldn’t date her even if I did have the chance and even if I did for some reason share bed with her, there wouldn’t be any sex. I’m a “rival” and I didn’t know it. All I did was to treat a good looking girl with respect and behave like she was a human and not a porcelain doll. *sigh*

I wonder if my life will ever feel normal. I feel like I’m caught in some bad movie with no ending. And men are horrible around women. I feel ashamed to be one.


I have spent two weeks doing a sommer workshop in Capoeira. This is something I have tried to join several times, but usually I find out about the workshop when it’s half finished.

Capoeira Na Chuva seems to be a nice group of people and capoeira is really fun but hard as hell to master for a beginner. The groups was more or less evenly distributed genderwise, which was good to see and there were few if none of the usual disturbed tough guys who are into martial arts.

Anyway, one of the beginners, a guy in his mid twenties seems to have so much theoretical knowledge of martial arts that he must have spent his life reading books about them rather than train. He was extremely uncoordinated and looked like a seal on land most of the time. He spent his time dissing tai-chi, which for me was really strange, since I have practised it for several years and know what it’s about. He didn’t seem to be impressed by capoeira as well since it was more or less a dance than a martial art in his eyes.

Some people are terribly stupid. I’m glad there was only one such person there.