Leifs hus

Some of my students have a creativity you just have to envy them.

I’m not going to reveal their names, except for the one in the title which is impossible to avoid.

Two of them created a page on wikipedia in the name of the third one. The page was a hodge-podge of references to teachers at school, the subject of geography, me, another physics teacher, salt pretzels, the student’s driving instructor (who had the same name as the student). I’m not sure how interesting this is to any of you, but I find it amazing that they managed to have this page active on wikipedia for about two months.

At last the page was nominated for deletion and was promptly deleted. The kids suspected I had something to do with it, but I was completely innocent, I never reported the page or anything, even though I felt the urge to do it for a while.

Even the delete nominations were funny, one admin claimed it was fake because they mentioned kiwifruit, which is native to China and could not have been eaten in Norway during norse times, another claimed it failed “the everything test”.

What I learnt from facebook

People tend to be surprised about who they meet on facebook. This has more or less stopped being an issue for me, everyone seems to get a profile on facebook these days and my friends list is growing at a geometric rate.

Somehow I found a cousin’s facebook. I haven’t seen him much for most of his life since they moved to another part of the country when he was four or five. But anyhow, his profile lists him as interested in men and in a relationship!

This is really fascinating, even though my family is pretty liberal, they are also a loud rowdy bunch with a tendency for strong language. You’d never think of any of them as gay. Yet statistically there would have to be at least 5% gay people in any given group of people, so someone had to finally get out of the closet! 😀

Then I got into the profile of another cousin, she’s into being friends, dating, random play and whatever she can get. It’s so unusual to think of your young family members as people with sexual interests.

Now I am just waiting to see my niece’s profile. I wonder what that will reveal about her…


Yesterday, I was giving an exam.

The second candidate looks a bit nervous, gives the usual defeatist talk about everything going bad etc. and looks a little distressed when entering the room.

I let her talk, like I always do, try to give the student a chance to show some initiative. Then it completely backfires. She claims she knows nothing about the subject, gets up and almost leaves the room saying something like “I cannot take this, I know nothing about the subject”

For a small fraction of a second I’m thinking “great, I can go home sooner”, but then reality sinks in, and I realize I at least have to try to save this person from disaster.

I change my mode into questioner-mode, something that works better with extremely nervous people, ask her a few direct questions that she answers correctly. The more complex questions she misses, but it’s enough to make her pass, which is my foremost worry in this kind of situation. During the examination, she is so nervous that she actually sheds tears.

After the exam, we have a short talk with her, I tell her that my exam anxieties at the university were quickly shed by have three oral exams per semester for about two years, and she tells us she considers this training for the really important exams which will be in the autumn.

At last, when she leaves she says “You should be lucky you didn’t see me at my last exam, I was so worried, I threw up”