Rudeness and hunger

I had forgotten to buy bread yesterday, so I had to go out for lunch today. I came to Godt Brød seeing the line of people in disarray. Usually people form an almost military line in there, queueing up for take away, cappucchino or just bread. I knew where my place was (at the very end) but I got a bit frustrated with the woman in front of me. Everyone else managed to get neatly in line when they realized they were too many to be served in a friendly respectful manner but she stood there, almost to the left of me, behind the woman in front of her (but not next to the counter, as is the custom). This irritated me for a few reasons, firstly, people could start believing that there was two lines, one behind her, and therefore attempt to sneak in front of me, and secondly, I was terribly hungry, making the idea of someone getting food before me unbearable, untolerable and a reason to declare a local jihad. The woman in front closed ranks and I thought no more of it, or her (she performed some more minor irritating acts later, but nothing worth mentioning).

Then another middle aged woman comes in, sees the queue, looks like she will try to take my place, I look at her thinking something like “oh, no, don’t even THINK about it” and her face goes a bit stern and she goes to the end of the line. Good, I’m hungry. I will obey the rules but I will not hesitate to tell you if you try to get food before me. It will NOT happen. Then some other woman enters, the same age, fiftyish, dark hair, she places herself BEHIND me. This is not in line, I care not for her, my place and my food is secured, but I am really amazed that the women who was next in line never said anything. This annoying bitch managed to jump the whole queue and noone said anything. Noone.

It’s not very amazing that people break the rules when they get away with it. People, enforce your rights, don’t expect others to protect you.


About this religion-quiz that everyone seems to be posting. I ended up scoring the highest on Satanism, which really pissed me off. I hate Anton LaVey. I honestly think that calling complete egotism “satanism” is one of the most childish and stupid thing ever done. I think I got that because I’m slightly self centered these days, and as for me being self-centered, well I’m single, I have few people to relate to and I see no point in admitting to care most about myself, who else should I care about. Most of my friends and family are well balanced and need little or no care from me, so there’s no point in worrying about them.

If you call yourself a satanist, you need to grow up. Quickly. And pray (haha) that you don’t end up in a discussion with me, because I’m well informed, eloquent and opinionated.

Well that was pretty harsh.

Worst of luck

A few weeks ago I bought a bottle of Crozes-Hermitage. I decided to drink it two weeks ago and when I opened it, I realized that the wine was smelling of cork. I replugged the bottle and decided to take it back to the store. This was accomplished this saturday and I went to meet my friends with two new bottles of wine (yay!).

After eating lunch with them downtown I forgot the plastic bag with the wine and didn’t remember it until we were drinking coffee somewhere else a little bit later. I had to do some more shopping, which resulted in me walking around town with a 5 kg net of basmati rice. I went back to the cafe where I had forgotten the wine and it was still there, thankfully.

At this point I’m walking through town with four plastic bags, two of them fairly, one in each hand. It’s snowy and cold and not everyone has bothered cleaning their street, so it’s pretty slippery. When I am about 50 m from home, I slip and fall, the bottles landing first in the snow. I see that they’re broken, I get up and watch two bottles of red wine emptying through several holes in the bag. It looked rather strange. The red colour on the show looked a bit like blood, I was sort of hoping people would think that there had been some kind of crime taking place there.

The irony of it is, had I chosen to carry the rice bag in the right hand instead of the left, the rice would have hit the ground first, taking the largest impact. I presume I wasn’t supposed to drink that wine.

I am an idiot.

Today, I made two stupid mistakes in my class.

It was late, somewhere around 3 pm and it was my fifth lesson in a row.

The first one was strange but slightly logical:

Remember, since I’m not wearing my glasses, I am almost deaf.

I had of course meant blind

The next one slipped out of my mouth for no apparent reason, I have no idea what my mind was thinking of, but certainly not what came out of my mouth:

Student: Where do you keep the radioactivity?
Me: I keep it up my ass.

I actually broke off the sentence as soon as it came out, but it didn’t help. I have no idea what I was thinking of. I could have mixed up the word for ass (rompe) with the word for room (rom). Anyway, I turned red like a lobster.

*SIGH* This year I’ll be making the quotes-page in the yearbook.

looking forward to next week

In the past week this has happened to me:

Monday: My shoes broke
Monday: My headset broke
Saturday: My bathroom lighting gave up
Saturday: I lost one of the lenses in my glasses
Saturday: My kubuntu linux installation broke
Sunday: I stumbled on a piece of wood and I got a cut in my left foot that bled pretty bad.

I also need a new lamp, the old one exploded before christmas.

Please reboot universe

Not sure what to say. I haven’t done an update for a long time, just silly memes.

I was dating a girl before christmas. It went really well, I thought. We were kissing and stuff, but no hanky-panky. 😛 Then after Christmas she “dumped” me almost on the door-step, something which I thought was really strange because she had asked me the day before to buy her chocolate. My conclusion was that she’s either really silly or very calculated in a very strange way. For some reason she wanted to “stay friends” and we met on Tuesday. I was not trying to make a good impression. I stayed brief for the whole hour she was there. She asked to meet me again today and I said “sure”. Then earlier she sent me a message saying she’s sick and has to reschedule. I still have no clue what she’s up to. I thought you were to drop all contact once you give the “Let’s Just Be Friends”-speech?

I’m feeling a bit stranded because of this. I’m probably better off without her though. My only regret was that I didn’t turn in the door when she gave me the friends-speech and left with the chocolate. :-)

I am Obi-Wan. Hear me roar.

What Fantasy Archetype Are you?


The Mentor
You are the prestigous Mentor! You’re akin to Gandalf (Lord of The Rings), Merlin (ARthurian Legend), Obi Wan Kenobi (Star Wars), Aslan (Narnia), Door (Neverwhere), Dumbledore (Harry Potter) and Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (Wizard’s First Rule). You are wise and knowing, and know that there is not much time left for the Unlikely Hero to defeat The Totally Wicked Villain. Only you know the true motives and past of The Villain, so it’s up to you to teach the Unlikely Hero all he has to know. Be careful as you’ll invariably regret not telling The Unlikely Hero things sooner rather than later. You like teaching and often care very much for others.
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