I’m drunk on Chianti and I’ve read through my blog and I like it. I like my blog like I like my deep blue eyes when I look myself in the mirror.

Today’s evening started off bad with a champagne that had been in the fridge too long and a corked bottle of red wine. After some Askaninja.com videos and a look at Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog we went out. Approaching Finnegans, I got hit on by a desperate girl from Ørsta who seemed impressed that I knew the location of her home on the map. I was trying to get rid of her when her friends came and dragged her off to the Kaizers Orchestra concert. At that point I was getting afraid she would never leave. I found the whole thing amusing though, noone we knew were at Finnegans so we moved to Altona and sat down to drink a bottle of wine. The couple at the next table seemed to be more impressed with eachother’s lips than wine and put on a great show of kissing and fondling. I’m not sure why they were out, they seemed to have better things to do. On my way home, I gave away my cheap ass lousy umbrella to some future Stockbroker and some girls. One blonde cute girl gave me a nice hug and two other girls thanked me for the umbrella, although they never actually spent any time under it. Fun!


I was watching the newish Basshunter video “Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA“, and I got somewhat appalled by the image of women displayed there.

No, I was not getting pissed of by the fact that the women are all good-looking, but the fact that they were either passive on-lookers, dancers or being accompanied by the men. Not good. We need to show that women can be (potentially butt ugly) nerds who are gamers too.

MacBook II

You might remember this entry.

The black MacBook has been upgraded to a Core2-CPU, 1 GB RAM and a 120 GB Harddrive. Never before has an offer looked as tempting. It used to be that the black MacBook was expensive because it was black, now the price difference is made up almost entirely of the bigger harddrive.


I suddenly had one of these moments where you can imagine your own death.

I was lieing in my bed with people around me and could more or less feel that it was the end. I don’t think it scares me much, but it is a strange feeling nonetheless. I wonder how people’s perception of death change as they grow older.

Emo Emo Emo

Everyone writes these fantastic emo-entries these days, so I thought I’d join.

I’m lonely, I want a girlfriend and I get frustrated when the right people don’t return SMS or phone-calls or take an interest in me. I am actually worth it, now it’s up to you to realize it.

Thank you for not listening.