I started the day feeling frustrated and sorry for myself and finished the day feeling slightly tipsy. In between I did this:

a) Taught 2 math lessons and one physics lesson.
b) Told bad jokes to students
c) Drank coffee
d) Attempted a recovery on my ipod whose filestructure I hosed yesterday
e) Called my best friend (who complained about fleas)
f) Wrote some pages in my moleskine diary that didn’t turn out as negative as I had expected.
g) Ignored some people I didn’t like
h) Had a free dinner at Opera
i) Participated in the Opera-quiz
j) Flirted with a cute girl at the next table
k) Won the Opera-quiz (and gained another free dinner)
l) Drank three glasses of wine and flirted with the bartender
m) Talked to said girl (from section j)
n) Walked home in a slightly tipsy state due to section l.
o) Did a second (and more successful) attempt at ipod-recovery
p) Copied files that couldn’t be recovered by gtkpod into a different directory for future attempts at recovery.

And now the plan is to brush teeth, go to bed and make sure tomorrow is even better than today.

Extremely spontaneous socializing.

I almost wrote an entry about cryogenic freezing of warts yesterday, but I gave it up. It was a useless subject.

Today, I had a dinner-date, but she was sick and stayed home. Before I could plan what to eat, another friend came around, asking me to fill up her replacement ipod that she had just received. We had to go to my work where I kept the backup files from her old ipod. Everything went fine except for the 33 files she has bought in iTunes. The DRM denied her to put them back onto the ipod, so now I have to find a way to De-DRM the files. Then we went to a restaurant with two more people and had a nice indian meal. Before we left I got an SMS from mallpunk saying she was holding court at DLK from 19.30, so I went that way after dinner. I’m getting so many friends at that place, it’s almost ridiculous. After mallpunk and Ume left, I stayed back, talking to the barista, Marie and a friend of hers who works at Dromedar, I didn’t really know her, at first but I got to know her during the conversation. Then there were some other people there who I also had to talk to, in total three groups of people, so I had to take turns chatting with the different people.

This was not what I planned this morning, but I’m really happy it turned out the way it did. I love to talk to people. Isolate me from interesting conversation and I go mad.


I found this page via

It is a clear indication of how little parents want to know about their children’s activities.

As an example, 5% of parents think their kids have performed oral sex, while 51% actually have done it. That’s a pretty big discrepancy. :-)

Introducing NLP

My friend Martin came over for pizza yesterday and found this book in my sofa.

Sounding slightly alarmed, he asked me to explain myself. I told him it was a book about a therapy-method designed to make yourself more aware of how you communicate. His reply was was somewhere along the lines of “Oh, I thought it was a guide to pick to pick up girls.”

Perhaps it can be used in such a way, but then only to make yourself more aware of how you present yourself and what you say. There is nothing there on what to say to get anyone to sleep with you. This “pick-up-guide” contains several interesting chapters, one about how to remove phobias, another on how to negotiate in business and another on metacogntive techniques for learning new and difficult subjects, even how to learn spelling techniques for dyslexics.

It really makes you think of how you communicate, not only with others, but also with yourself, as you think. I have so far found it very useful in trying to develop myself as a teacher and as a human being.


I want change.

I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. I still wish I could undo the past twelve months of my life.

I feel like there’s things I can never talk about because people change the subject and don’t want to listen. It’s as if they can’t see how I feel about things and that trying to get this off my chest matters. I presume I have to do as I’ve done before. Pick myself up and implement a change all by myself.

fixing old problems

I have now removed this problem.

I disabled the onboard audio and plugged in an old Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS. It worked like a charm. This begs the question why I didn’t do it before…


Today, for the first time in ages I feel really really good.

There are several reasons for this, a friend of mine who has felt really horrible for quite some time has found a girlfriend. In addition I have had an epiphany about myself which really puts what I’m doing into perspective. It makes me feel like the stillness after a storm, like I’m on a plateau looking down on the rest of the world, like I’ve left my personal madness behind. Leaving unnecessary metaphors behind, I feel better than I have in a long time.

Dominion yesterday was fun, slightly over the top and with some unnecessary intrigues after closing time. I really had fun dancing. 😀