Today I tried getting a total of four people to go see Casablanca with me, none complied.

As going out beats staying at home any day, I left for Cinemateket by myself.

I have put off seeing the film for very long, it’s a movie that’s too hyped, even if it is good, you can’t steer clear of the filmbuffs and ditto nerds singing its praise.

The film was allright. The acting is good. The lovestory… is… pretty mundane. You obviously have to be pretty naïve to care about it. The story is basically a moral story about patriotism and choosing the right side. At the end, Humphrey Bogart is rewarded for supporting the right side both morally and politically, and I don’t think he loved Ilsa anymore, so the trade-off was pretty easy for him. He didn’t interfere with the marriage (what a good christian!) and he shot a nazi (what a good allied soldier…?)

And they never say “Play it again, Sam”


I’m going to London on Sunday the first of October, returning to Bergen on the 5th.

Gatwick, here I come!

The most amusing part of this is that my mother is going to London on the wednesday before I return. Amusing.

Now, cough up your phonenumbers, so we can meet up! (post is friends only and comments are screened – I am sooo discreet) 😛

Busted (stolen fra masokiss)

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