Det avholdes fest i min lägenhet LØRDAG den 2. september.

Festen er delvis i anledning Tone og Jones besøk i Bergen fra fredag til onsdag.

Møt opp. Det er en ordre.

Slow week

It seems I’ve been drinking more than usual lately. The strange part is that I don’t feel any problems about this. I’ve gone out and enjoyed myself and god knows I needed that. I’ve been so bored this summer. I still don’t have any alcohol at home and I never get completely wasted so there’s no real problems.

Apart from that the week is progressing slowly. This is a good thing because it feels like I’m using every day to the fullest and I enjoy that. Went out with some old friends yesterday and we had some great fun. amenslamia joined us and we chatted about life, love and whatever. We’ve decided to play the Red Dwarf drinking game at an appropriate time.

I have some nice plans for the rest of the week, too. 😀


It was a nice party. blu3linn brought friends and at the beginning my friends were a minority. This felt rather strange, but my friends arrived late, later than late and in some cases in the nick of time and the balance of power was restored. The feeling was great and I think everyone had a great time, especially after we got rid of Batman.

Objects found:
One dress with polka dots. Please tell Ruth to contact me to get it back.
Cheap orange-juice
An opened bottle of Coca Cola
A bottle of red-wine in my kitchen-cupboard.

A word of caution for the future:

Please do not invite anyone under 18 or anyone over who is currently attending high-school to any future parties. I have my job to think of.

Wann hast du deine Freundin zum letzten Mal verstimmt?

This got in my mail just now, german schpam! Not sure how you ‘verstimm’ your girlfriend but it’s probably something you want to do. The emphasis is mine by the way. I think Erektionfehlleistung is probably something you don’t want.

Guten Abend!,
Wir können Ihnen helfen jederzeit! Verschiedene Medikamente auf alle Fälle!
Sie werden Sex die ganze Nacht haben! Sie werden an keiner Erektionfehlleistung denken.

(URL removed)
Kaufen die beste Medikamenten und das ist sinnlos Ihre lokale Apotheke zu besuchen. Das freundlichen Beistandteam. Weltweitsendung!

Bis bald!

Pizza mozzarella

Whenever I buy a frozen pizza, I usually buy a Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Mozzarella.
Today I decided to finally perform the experiment I have been thinking of for some months. The making of my own pizza mozzarella. I went to my local gourmet store and bought a fresh mozzarella cheese and some high quality pesto.

In order to make a good tomato sauce for this pizza, I used extra virgin olive oil, oregano, garlic, onion, salt, pepper and canned tomatoes. I only used half the sauce and I’m thinking of freezing the rest. Could come in handy.

I put the sauce on the dough, then I put about half of the pesto in lumps on the pizza and covered it in regular cheese (I used a mixture of norvegia and jarlsberg). Then I cut the mozzarella in pieces and spread it on the pizza and let it bake for as long as it takes.

The result: Much better than a frozen pizza! The next time I’m using less mozzarella and pesto but a little more salt.

Pictures under the cut