life in general

After climbing a small mountain and preparing a book review for tomorrow, I ate dinner and went to meet Martin/Nortis at Det Lille Kaffekompaniet (DLK). Once the fog had lifted from my glasses, I found mimle, haraldix and waterfall8484 at the table next to us. We switched tables and I sat drawing a love-robot (luhv-bot) on mimle‘s paper complete with commitment claws and other paraphenalia a luhv-bot should have (it was laser guided). We had planned to go to a fun fair, but the rain seemed to have made the fair less fun because it seemed they had packed up for the night, perhaps even for the year…

After sending haraldix off to his bus, I suddenly saw a woman I had seen at DLK several times. She always sits alone and seems really enigmatic. I’ve been curious about who she is for a long time. I went over to her and said “Excuse me, are you going to drink coffee?”, to which she replied that she wasn’t, she didn’t have enough money and was to call her mother and then meet her boyfriend in an hour. Apparently she was a traveller, an american, spending half the year or so here in Norway and then going other places. She was being really quiet but still seemed like an interesting person. Talking to her didn’t make her seem less enigmatic I hope I meet her again. I’m curious about who she is, what makes her do what she does? I also found it strange that it was so easy for me to talk to a stranger now, perhaps it helped that I had seen her several times, perhaps I am less stressed and find people easier to contact?

books books books

I’ve been shopping books!!!

Penguin has this great new series out called “Great Ideas” as part of their jubilee and all the covers are really yummy. Under the cut you’ll find why these books are so great to look at. You can even order all of them for the price of £186.60. I’m tempted.

So far I’ve bought these:
02. Marcus Aurelius – Meditations
03. St. Augustine – Confessions of a sinner
12. William Hazlitt – The Pleasure Of Hating
22. Sun-tzu – The Art Of War
24. Lucretius – Sensation And Sex

I have also considered
05. Niccolò Machiavelli – The Prince
11. Mary Wollstonecraft – A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman
16. Charles Darwin – On Natural Selection
17. Friedrich Nietzsche – Why I Am So Wise
18. Virginia Woolf – A Room Of One’s Own
21. Confusius – The First Ten Books
27. Marco Polo – Travels In The Land Of Kubilai Khan
28. Christine de Pizan – The City Of Ladies
31. Thomas Hobbes – On Man
33. Voltaire – Miracles And Idolatory
35. Carl von Clausewitz – On The Nature Of War

see the covers here

new stash

I’ve bought some new headphones to celebrate my “new” job. They’re AKG K 271 studio headphones, which means the sound is “flat” but all the frequencies are well represented. There’s so many headphones with poor bass-sound it almost hurts. If you think Koss Porta Pro is the pinnacle of sound, I pity you dearly.

At first I had planned to get a macbook, but what do I need a laptop for? If I need a laptop, I can buy it later. There’s too much squabble about the heat production of the macbooks anyway, I’ll wait and see if they make some changes to them later on.

pictures of the headphones

poor cat

Since my apartment was full of empty cereal boxes (not literally), I decided to do some evening recycling and when I got to the recycling station I was met with a horrible sight. A cat sat panting and crying and I could easily see it was damaged. A little later it sat down panting and I was scared it was going to die there and then. It was really horrible to look at.

Thank goodness someone came by who knew the cat owners in the area and we managed to get the cat owner in about five minutes. Hopefully they get the cat to a doctor and it will make it through. I can’t stand seeing cats in pain, even though they probably got hurt in a fight with another cat.


This post was requested by Martin.

This morning, after doing my daily tai-chi in the park (in front of 25 italians), I passed a very cute girl in the street with long dark blonde hair and a nose-ring who was smoking. I have seen her a couple of times before in the street but she never notices me (noone ever notices me :P). Later on I meet Martin and Eira in town for coffee and dumpster diving and after coffee we went to look at the arts and crafts market at Nedre Korskirkeallmenningen. Of course, this girl turns up behind the counter where Martin plans to buy a ceramic birdie, and she has a nice smile and me being really tired can’t do much but just smile back and of course she asks me if I want something (at this point I’m probably begging for her attention) and I say no, but tell her that she passed me in the street that morning. She smiles and tells me she was on the way to the market, naturally. Eira, at this instant points out that I must be very observant, to which I am thinking (but not saying) “yes, but only when I’m interested in someone”…

Then we go looking at other crafts and Eira is looking for shoes, and there’s a shoe store at the corner, so we go there. With me being very observant and all, I notice she’s trading posts with someone, moving to the stand closest to the shoestore. While Eira is looking for shoes, I leave the store, I’m tired and the hot air is getting to me. The girl is again standing there, smiling at me, and it feels stupid to not go over and talk to her again (and very practical from a flirting POV). Then, Martin and Eira leaves the store and come over to look at the jewelry she’s selling now before we leave for another shoestore. Martin is being very observant himself and asks “Were you just happening to stand there or was that a deliberate flirt?”. Not sure what I answered, but it was a little bit of both and his next comment has me in stiches: “If you are successful, I get to claim credit because I bought the birdie”. I tell him he can have all the credit in the world as long as I get the girl.

So far so good. Next stop is the shopping mall Galleriet, a block away from the square, some random shopping and a broken shoelace later we are in the 2nd floor book store facing the square and I’m asking Martin if I should go back there and ask her out on the way home, to which he answers “yes”. Simple enough. Seconds later I go to the large window facing the square and I see down on the street waiting for a green light holding hands with her boyfriend.


I finally managed to get some info out of someone about my job. It seems I’m likely to get it.

Haven’t felt so relieved in ages. I can smile again. I’m also drunk. A nice combination of cheap white wine and some excellent italian red wine.

Now I just have two other problems to sort out.


So, I applied for my own job and today I had an interview. That was fun. I like it when people interview me. I get to sound really smart and reflective, for all I know, maybe I am? I just think I have a gift for sounding rational.

Anyway, it seems I have a strong contender for the job. In which case it boils down to five parameters, work experience, personality, education, age and “having the job already”

I model my contender (I have no clue who he is) on a basic physicist, slightly conservative, poor personal skills, slightly bitter and probably close to 60 in age. My complete opposite.

Me      Him
work experience             x
personality        x 
education             (draw)
age                x
having the job     x

From this I predict that I get the job, but I can’t count on it. I really love my job so I hope I get to keep it.