I’m in Kristiansand.

I’m not actually doing much but that’s fine. The weather is nice and we found a café that serves croissants. This contradicted Tone’s indignant statement when I first arrived: “You can’t get a croissant anywhere in this town!”. She went to have an MRI-scan today. She was really scared. Funny thing was that I was really envious. I’ve always wanted an MRI-scan!! The experience was really strange, the machine makes a lot of noise and the experience could only appeal to a true sci-fi fan or a trance fanatic (it makes really rhythmic noises). I sometimes wonder why they put regular people through such machines.

Today, my hosts Tone & Jone are serving me a five course meal with veal, chicken, cheeses, and some nice red wine. Life is good.

peculiar factoid – MILF

Yesterday, on IRC, someone talked about MILFs.

First I asked “What’s a MILF?” and when noone answered I looked it up myself.

It either stands for “Mom I’d Like to Fuck” or “Moro Islamic Liberation Front”. I bet MILF (the filipino resistance movement) must have some problem being taken seriously in the USA. I bet you didn’t need to know that.


Not sure why I hate this.

I finally managed to get the nerve to ask for someone’s phone-number the other day (while I was still without my phone). I get my phone back and send her an SMS and no answer. I try calling a few hours later, and no answer. People try to comfort me, saying, she’s just busy doing something or other. Well, perhaps, but I still have that unpleasant feeling.

Anyway, today I turn a corner and she seems to be arguing or at least comforting someone who seems to be her boyfriend and give him a kiss, and in a sense it seems that feeling in the back of your head was correct. She had never intended to answer that SMS, perhaps?

And this is the part that pisses me off. I hate hanging in the air. I hate it when people don’t answer me and leave me hanging. A “No” or a plausible lie is better than no answer.

And anyway, it’s not like I’m going to sleep with someone just because I ask them to drink coffee or tea. There is a process of getting to know one another in between which may or may not eliminate the person as a possible romantic object long before anything happens. It seems many people seem to fail to notice that.

And I’ve had so many people tell me how many people consider me attractive I’m getting frustrated by it. If people find me attractive, why don’t they talk to me, get to know me?

warning! geeks only

The time had come to update ubuntu. My computer has had an uptime of over a month and that’s impressive considering it used to freeze every three or four days. Anyway, the breezy badger was chucked out for the dapper drake (silly codenames for different versions of ubuntu linux) and the screen was blank. Dead. Nothing happened. I could log with a console shell and thank god for that, otherwise everything would be ruined.

I tried upgrading again. Nothing happened
I tried downgrading to breezy. Nothing happened.
I tried upgrading again for the second time. Screen still froze on startup.

At this point I’m considering a complete reinstallation of the system, and that’s a pain in the ass, but then, I get a smart idea! I can start the X-server (the program that runs the window manager and such on linux) manually and see what happens. What happens is that I get an ugly error message! Thank god for the work laptop! I can now google the ugly error message and see what happens! It turns out someone else had the same problem and a simple way to solve it: reconfigure the X-server!

The problem is solved, but now some old problems have surfaced, I have to recustomize my X-server to run it at my usual high resolution widescreen setting (1900×1200) and I have to reinstall the nvidia-driver for my screen card. That will have to wait a week until I return from my holiday in the south (Kristiansand).

And people say linux has become simple. Only if you run standard hardware with standard drivers.

heat heat heat

I’ve felt so frustrated today.

One thing is the frustration, another is that it doesn’t help talking about it since it seems all my friends are now being bored to death listening to me.

Apart from that I drank coffee with Ume, we met up with Jonis and took some pictures (well, they took pictures, I was supposed to be a model, I was not in such a good mood, so I was probably a bad model). Later on we sat in the park, and it turned out there were a lot of people there doing capoeira, among them some brazilian instructors. They were extremely good. I’ve been wanting to learn capoeira, but the summer course is now and I’m going to Kristiansand on Wednesday. Hopefully they have a course in the fall. I want to do some acrobatics. Some goths I know were sitting looking, scoffing at the capoeira-people, kinda strange when you’re pale, fat and mostly disgusting, I presume the only way to deal with your own problems is to assume that it’s not you, it’s everyone else.
I even got to do push hands with one of the masters (he saw me and Kristian do push hands on the lawn). He thought I was good or something, thought I was “sensei” (I do chinese martial arts, they call it Shifu). You should have seen his muscles. I hope Ume posts some public photos of them tumbling, it was crazy.

Erik Richter Strand, filmregissør og livredder.

(this is purely of interest to those who speak norwegian, and perhaps not even them)

Du kjenner neppe Erik Richter Strand, men han var naboen min da jeg var liten og jeg kjenner søsteren hans, Lene. Hun fikk de aller beste karakterene og har endt opp som ambassadesekretær i UD. Erik er også en smarting og har blitt filmregissør.

Jeg har funnet to interessante artikler om ham på nett i det siste. I den ene er det sagt at han skal lage filmen om Varg Veum. Det er greit nok, men mer interessant er det at på et møte i Cannes endte han opp med å redde livet til en fyr ved å bruke Heimlich-metoden til å presse en matbit ut av spiserøret på stakkaren. Heia Erik!

Strange day at the DLK (horrible rhyme)

I had a meeting with Martin at DLK at 16.20 today. Nothing new about that. If we’re not there together, probably one or two us drop by seperately during the day.

Anyway, just after we sit down, a girl enters, I befriended her on the bus once because she read Harry Potter and was obviously a geek. Turns out she’s now studying physics. I was a little interested in her once, but she was too young and too taken, now she’s just too taken. :)

Time passes and then another of my past potential love interests drops by, not surprisingly since she used to work in the café. She’s french, hates the norwegian winter darkess and spends the winter months in Barcelona, like a migrating bird in a sense. Her returns signals summer… I got a hug. :)

And then the girl I’ve been talking to in the street enters, she’s wearing a nice skirt with flowers, high heels and is looking really good with her curly black hair and everything. I could feel my cheeks flush, not because of embarrasment, it was just like there was something in the air, as if it’s not just me, or something. Who knows, I might be imagining the whole thing. It’s summer after all. Anyway, she’s also taken. The feeling was good, though, I didn’t fret about lost opportunities. At some point I knew almost everyone in the café. I felt connected and less lost than I used to feel. A good start of my summer holiday, I think.


My new headphones arrived in the post today, and they are good, really good. Actually they are too good.

I can now hear how horrible the sound output from my PC is. Even FLAC-files (compressed with a lossless algorithm) has some kind of distortion effect which is quite unpleasant to listen to. I have no idea why this happens. It could be the sound drivers in linux, the onboard audio driver on the motherboard or simply just that some adjustments are needed.

If this continues, I have to go back to CDs. This is just horrible to listen to.

end of skull

This was the last day at work for the season. We start again on my birthday, unfortunately, the 14th of August.

I feel rather unfulfilled. I didn’t do much that meant anything today and spent no time with friends, although I met some friends in the street, it doesn’t feel the same. I’m going to go drink coffee later, I feel I need to see some humans.

Now what? I’m going to Kristiansand to meet TJone and see Tool at the Quart-festival. Right now, I don’t feel like going. Not sure why. I just want to stay here, relax and meet people. New people.

Now what? What can I do as long as my phone is at a police station in Stavanger?


…that’s an old Dogbert quote from Dilbert.

Today I got up at 5.20 to go to Stavanger. I was attending a meeting to set the grades for the 2MX (math high school 2nd grade) exam. It was too easy and the kids got too good grades. :) Afterwards I went walking in the cute little streets of Stavanger. It’s a nice town. I can’t help liking it, and I usually hate cute little towns.

At the airport, I put my phone and laptop in a box to be scanned and while that happened I was stopped by the metal detector and the security officer decided to stroke me all over. It’s as much body contact I’ve had in ages. 😛 He was really thorough and I thought it was strange that were that thorough and therefore I forgot my phone at the security counter. I didn’t notice it until I sat in the plane trying to find the phone to turn it off…

I made some phone calls and it seems it was handed over to the police and then I had to make some more phone calls to get someone I know to pick the phone up at the airport. Apparently it will take the police a week to send the damned phone and it’s quicker to get someone to pick it up. So now I’m getting my ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s parents to pick it up for me. :)