I went to three cafés on saturday. Not sure how much coffee I drank, but it was a lot. I presume the third visit could constitute what you call a date, but people don’t call it that anymore. A date is defined in retrospect. If you end up romantically entangled, your cafévisit three months before was a date, if not, then it wasn’t. It was fun anyway…

After the last café, I got take away from Nama, but it didn’t taste as good as it should. I’m not sure what was wrong with it, though. I couldn’t finish and put the rest in the fridge and ate it for breakfast today, that was not a success.

Later on, I went to a party and it was the first time in ages I met new people. It was great fun. It was also the third time in a short while that I had been flirted with by a married woman. She was extremely cute and with a sexy south-african accent (I love afrikaans), when I asked her to say something in afrikaans, she said “you are a very cute guy” and I acted shy. 😛

Later on I met ejectorhead, no_anesthetic and Ejectorhead’s sister and we went to Finnegans, which was packed. Everyone was slightly disappointed at the crowds and the noise and we left long before closing time.

Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ

…on a bike…

I just read through last night’s post, and I was obviously slightly drunk, because in hindsight the whole post seems a bit silly, I even used the word “phun”.

No plans for this evening, so I will probably pester my friends until they take me somewhere to drink wine and exchange glances with passing strangers. Damn my friends for being poor students! :)

As I have slept about 4 hours, I should perhaps take a nap or something or go out for dinner or make dinner or just sit around being indecisive. No, can’t do that.

Something strange happened today…

…or more like it… something not really strange happened, but I felt something change inside me and it felt good.

I’ve been working my ass off all week and I’ve been worried that something might go wrong (all planning has to go wrong at some point) and finally, today I saw more or less the end of it. I worked a lot today and finished a lot of assignments that’s just been there hanging over my head for a long time, after that I went training, my regular t’ai-chi chüan, but afterwards I felt really good. I felt like talking to strangers in the street and people smiled at me. I like it when people smile at me, I feel really flirty and ready to conquer the world or something silly like that. It’s fun. Recommended. :)

I finally managed to get blu3linn her CDs and I honestly hope she will listen to them more than I ever did.

Getting up at 5.30 and it’s now 1.11, so this will be phun!

6 weird things…

Once you are tagged you must (if you want) write a blog about your 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next six people to be tagged and list their names.

I was tagged by Flaggermus

1) Every time I’m online, I read the same news-sites (and they’re getting boring)
2) Every day I drink the same tea
3) I can never dress for the weather, I’m either too hot or too cold or without an umbrella
4) I find it really really hard to say “no”
5) I have never felt or perhaps will never feel “norwegian” (whatever that is) and mostly spend time with people I find to be very un-norwegian
6) I quote jokes people will never understand because you need my frame of reference to get the point and you had to be where it happened to get the joke in the first place…

I tag haraldix, mummimamma, sterretje, teppemann and waterfall8484

ascii art

I like ascii-art but I hate spam, but somehow I find the idea of ascii-spam amusing.
I’ve tried adding serifs to the characters but it’s not as easy as may seem.

I may not be getting enough

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but I’m getting a lot of spam…


I had a strange dream last night.

First I noticed in the dream that some men’s noses look like penis-heads, slightly purple, round and with a line down the middle.

Then I’m in the control room of some german TV-channel and they lock the doors and call the guards because there’s a lesbian at the door (lesbians are dangerousm, you know), but she climbs through the windows in her nightie and walks around in the atrium with her girlfriend and I suddenly notice she has nothing on underneath and there’s a fascinating bonfire straight ahead…

I presume that was a good time to wake up. I noticed that my nose didn’t look much like a penis.


a short conversation outside Garage:
Me: I saw your ex in there…
She: Yes, I’m trying to avoid him
Me: Oh, yes, I remember, you have a new boyfriend now…
She: No, I dumped him, now go away…
Me: You dumped him? (Then I see the guy she’s chatting with) Oh, well, I’ll just leave then..

…and my friends demanded to go to an inferior quality kebab store…
I refused to eat.


Today, dinner must be swift and early. This is because I am an idiot who can never say “no”.

In order to return to work in less than two hours, I am making chicken filet with rice and salsa. It’s simple food but nourishing. The salsa is of course home made. Salsa is easy if you know how to make it.

You need:
fresh tomatos (or canned)
whatever more you want to add…

If you use fresh tomatos, make sure you boil them quickly first so their skin peels off. (what IS this called in english??)

Fry the garlic, onion and chili in the oil for a short while
then add the tomatos and the salt and pepper
let it simmer until it’s nice and thick.


Even though this is really simple, people still cling to horrible salsa from a can. I pity the fools…

Have you noticed that you either eat chicken breast or chicken thigh? It’s obviously sexy food…

>Et fascinerende avvik

>VG postet idag en artikkel om “Gudfarens bibelkode“. Artikkelen i seg selv hadde ikke vært så ille om jeg ikke hadde lest orginalen. Orginalteksten handler om en mafiaboss som ble tatt fordi kodene han brukte var så enkle at de eneste du kunne forhindret fra å lese dem var små barn. Som korrekt er minner dette krypteringssystemet om såkalt Cæsar-substitusjon, der du flytter alle bokstavene ett eller flere steg fram eller tilbake, B kan bli til D, da blir C til E osv. sånn at OST kryptert blir QUV. Den utrolig innsiktsfulle artikkelforfatteren har koblet det faktum at en slik substitusjon tilskrives Cæsar med bibelen (eller var det DaVinci-koden?) og viser dermed at han verken har forstått den orginale artikkelen eller er i stand til å dikte med særlig stor fantasi. Gratulerer.